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Banquet Catering
By Hanna Nilson



Catering for banquet events is no longer just about the food.


Banquet catering; from flowers and lighting to flatware and desert's, has become an all-in-one business of full-service event benefits. Whether it's a family re-union or an annual cooperate event, the banquet catering industry has evolved into a science of providing banquet services beyond just the meal course.

Most banquet catering companies specialize in their ability to satisfy all the senses, with food as the focus. Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch are all a part of your guest's experience of the event. As such, the banquet event planning, setup, service and clean-up, are all a part of catering procedures which are based on meeting the requirements for the occasion. Furthermore, the intended theme and ambiance of the event are a caterer's guidelines for preparing the overall presentation. Therefore, it is important to consider discussing such details with the catering director or coordinator when organizing the event.

After first considering the fundamentals; such as the time schedule, type of event and how many guests will be attending, it is also important to specify on the type of food and decor. For example, you may want to ask yourself: Does the menu fit the occasion and tastes of the group? And, does the decor suit the venue and theme for the occasion?

When choosing a caterer to manage your banquet, you may want to consider finding out more in-depth information about their services. Always be sure the banquet catering providers are licensed or have a legitimate food services permit. If anything were to happen, which might require a follow-up, you want to be sure that you have a written agreement and/or verifiable paperwork to prevent complication.

Find out where the food will be prepared. Feel free to stop by the facility to check on the cooking for your event. Also, don't leave special food request for the last minute. If the food is going to be prepared off site; be sure their transportation, set-up and clean-up protocol suit your needs. The transportation of food and all raw products is critical. During transit, all perishable foods must be held cold, as 41F or below and hot foods must be kept as 140F or above. In order to do so, the banquet caterers might use refrigerated trucks, insulated coolers, warming units, etc.

Finally, check and double check, to make sure that the services you expect are in line with the banquet catering budget. Since banquets and catering services are intended for special occasions it becomes very easy to overspend. In order to avoid this, prioritize your preferred banquet catering expectations and keep a check list to keep your spending in order.

In conclusion, if you plan on hiring a particular caterer for your banquet hall special occasion, be sure to consider taking advantage of such services. Doing your research and knowing exactly what you expect from your caterer will help improve your chances for success in creating a memorable and exceptional banquet experience for all of your guests.


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