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Banquet Facilities vs. Restaurants
By Hanna Nilson


Any event where food is involved requires careful planning and preparation. As you may very well know, there are many types of banquet events; from a cozy dinner with close friends and family to an extravagant wedding reception. For each special occasion, there is a right reception facility. Now--where to start?

There are many options to choose from.  First of all, there is a significant difference between hosting your events at banquet facilities rather than restaurants. In fact, banquets and banquet ceremonies have a long history of being extraordinary events. People have been practicing this type of formal dinner gathering for thousands of years. In the Encyclopedia of Food & Culture, suggests that during medieval times, Kings and royalty would host their banquet celebrations in honor of particular holidays, birthdays and other special occasions including banquets for funerals or the knighting of a son. In China, banquet events and banquet facilities have been used to commemorate anything from sacrifices to weddings.

As opposed to trying to organize an event at a restaurant, using a banquet facility can really broaden your horizons. With banquet facilities, there is room for creativity in selecting your banquet hall decorations, banquet hall entertainment, banquet hall catering services etc. By taking advantage of such options, one can make any special occasion more unique, personal and enjoyable. Granted, there are some restaurants out there that make extra effort to cater to their guest’s wants and needs. However, restaurants are not very flexible when it comes to things such as rearranging floor plans, providing particular selections of food and beverages, and allowing for extra entertainment and décor. These are all things which are not just available for banquet facilities--they are expected.

Unlike the limited services of a restaurant; banquets and banquet facilities can make even the most grandiose affairs an opportune reality. For example, lists some of the most extravagant banquets in their article “History’s Top 10 Grand Banquets”. Some of the top ranking events include a banquet in Rome, organized by Tigellinus for Nero in AD 64 which comprised of more than 50 courses and roman delicacies. It’s said that this banquet was hosted on a golden raft afloat the Marcus Agrippa’s lake. Another such occasion was the wedding celebration in Florence of Marie de Medici and Henry IV, 1600. The wedding featured over 50 courses and lasted several days.

Now, it’s rare that people have the need for banquet facilities that could sustain such large events. recently posted an article which compared some of the most significant banquets in history to the dining habits of today. The article Top 10 Feasts in History reads “When it comes to big formal feasting, the stuff that’s in the history books focuses on religious, political and aristocratic pageantry”. On the other hand, even the largest of modern banquets tend to be more personal. For example weddings usually call for the use of larger and more expensive banquet facilities, but even then only the closest friends and family are invited to the wedding reception dinner. Nonetheless, if or when the time comes for planning a special event; banquet facilities are generally the favored venue for servicing all your dining preferences.


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