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Banquet Room or Banquet Hall? Discover the Benefits of the Banquet Room.

It can be confusing if you’ve never booked banquet space. Should you rent a banquet room or banquet hall? Most people would assume that the number of people determines that decision, but that is only one consideration of the overall picture. Banquet rooms typically have a more specified function than banquet halls. Not only are they less expensive, but they offer a completely different environment.

Unique Features
Banquet rooms have some specific features that make them more conducive to specific types of events. They also lack certain qualities available with a banquet hall.

  • Size – Banquet rooms tend to be smaller in size than halls. Designed to hold smaller groups, they tend to be more intimate.

  • Location – While halls are often centrally located for easy access, banquet rooms may be tucked away from the hustle and bustle of other functions or services of the property.

  • Layout – There are several common layouts for banquet rooms including classroom-style, with tables and chairs facing in one direction, lecture-style with chairs lined up in rows without tables, horseshoe-shape with tables and chairs set up to form a U and conference-meeting style with one large table surrounded by chairs.

  • Presentation Materials – Many banquet rooms will have white boards and/or screens for presentation purposes.

  • Food service – Due to the smaller size, banquet rooms have much less room for amenities such as a buffet or food service. Pre-boxed lunches or served plated dinners work well. There is usually room for snack and drink services.

Appropriate Events
Certain events can be better served by a banquet room. Smaller space, more intimate surroundings and a quieter location make banquet rooms perfect for presentations, lectures, workshops and meetings. Most rooms accommodate no more than 50 people depending on the layout desired. It is possible with some properties to connect two banquet rooms to make a larger space, if needed. In addition to business and educational uses, banquet rooms can also be ideal for personal events. Small showers or parties, scrap booking groups and book clubs fit nicely into banquet rooms. New churches even use banquet rooms for their initial services.

Banquet rooms cost less in rental fees, but don’t usually require a microphone or sound system due to the smaller size. While some banquet halls charge for tables and chairs, both are usually supplied without additional expense in a banquet room. Many hotels will set up small snack and service stations and only charge for the actual consumed items.

Hotels, the most common source for banquet rooms, typically charge the most. While not as readily available, private clubs, restaurants and churches offer banquet rooms (sometimes at a more reasonable rate). If you require a room for regular meetings such as with a book club or start-up church, most properties will give you a discounted rate for guaranteed use.

If you’re seeking a smaller, more personal situation, a banquet room may be your solution. Less expensive and cumbersome than a hall, the room offers ideal conditions for face-to-face meetings and functions. Number of guests, desired layout, food needs and location should all be part of your determination when deciding between a banquet room and banquet hall.

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