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5 Steps to Renting a Banquet Hall

Are you looking for a place to hold your wedding reception? Did your boss assign you the task of finding a banquet hall for an upcoming convention? Perhaps your family delegated you the task of locating a hall for the annual family reunion this year. How much will banquet hall rent run you? If you’ve never rented a hall, it may seem like a daunting and intimidating job, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these five steps to renting a banquet hall and you’ll breathe easier.

Choosing A Banquet Room or Banquet Hall

Step 1: Get recommendations. Ask family, friends and colleagues if they’ve had a positive experience renting a banquet hall. This is often the easiest and fastest way for locating a hall that will meet your needs.

Step 2: Do your research. If you weren’t able to get a strong referral, research the possible banquet halls in your area. Pick up a phone book and call five prospective locations. Ask how much the banquet hall rent will be and take notes. Arrange your list in order from most expensive to least expensive, then go online and check out the website for each hall. What services and accommodations do the halls offer? Are they worth the price they’re asking?

It’s essential to make a list of what you’ll need in a banquet hall. Include the dates you’ll need the hall; how many people you’re expecting; your price range; and whether the event will require seating, tables or booths. Will you need a stage, dance floor or sound system?

Step 3: Visualize the event. Banquet and Events Coordinator for Middleton Place Plantation, Jessica Neal, suggests, “Before the banquet facility is reserved or before the invitations are mailed, it is a good idea to completely visualize the event from beginning to end; the number of guests who will attend, menu options, entertainment provided, décor, etc. If you are working with an event planner or a banqueting director, this will prepare you to answer most of the questions that they will have.”

Neal notes that by having a complete vision, it is easy to plan a seamless event that all of the guests will enjoy. Does the banquet hall you want to rent offer the options you visualized?

Step 4: Visit prospective banquet halls. Initially it will suffice to drive by the location to check out parking and placement. If you have an evening event, you might want to drive by at night to check out the safety of the area.

After driving by, call the best candidates to make an appointment with the banquet hall manager or sales person. Be sure to take your list with you when you visit and ask about banquet hall rent rates. You may also want to ask the banquet hall representative if there are any concerns you overlooked. An experienced manager can quickly surmise any weaknesses in your plan. Also ask for references, particularly those that have had events similar to the one you’re planning.

Step 5: Get a written contract. Once you decide on a banquet hall, be sure to have a written contract, signed and dated by the sales person or manager, including the details of your agreement. Read the contract carefully and make any necessary changes immediately.

Renting a banquet hall becomes much easier once you have established dates and can visualize a clear picture of the event. Knowing what you want and need allows others to understand how to best assist you. Allow yourself time to research and visit possible reception hall locations. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance and always get a written contract. By following these steps, you can pull off a memorable event for your family or business for a reasonable banquet hall rent amount.

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