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5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Quality Wedding Reception Hall

Youíve set the date, picked out rings, bought the dress, reserved the church and decided on a theme, but you still donít have a wedding reception hall. The most important celebration of your new life canít be held just anywhere. With all of the choices out there, how will you know when you have found an appropriate wedding reception hall? In all of the excitement of planning, itís easy to overlook some basic necessities. Finding a hall with the following five characteristics is an excellent start to planning a fabulous wedding reception.

#1 References
Ask for references from other couples who have used the hall for wedding receptions similar in size to yours. If they have references, then you know they have experience in preparing the hall for wedding receptions. Call the references and ask about the type of reception they held at the hall. Ask about positive and negative aspects of using the wedding reception hall so that you can get a heads-up on possible issues.

#2 Reception Hall Manager
They have an experienced and pleasant reception hall manager to assist you in planning the details including seating arrangements, food preparation and service, decorations and music. Discuss the availability of this person before and during the reception. Some halls have a sales person who leases the site but is not actively involved in planning and follow through.

#3 Location and Parking
Be sure that the location is safe, attractive and not too far from your wedding site. Donít just think about the safety factor as youíre touring it, but also consider how safe it will be at night. Is there outside lighting? What other businesses are in the area? Concerning parking, is there enough available for all of your guests and is it near the reception hall? If you have invited anyone who is in a wheelchair, be sure to check on access. Most facilities are now required to offer handicapped parking and wheelchair access.

#4 Add-ons
Inquire about additional items that you might need such as a dance floor, staging area and audiovisual equipment. If they donít have these items, make sure they have specific contacts for acquiring them at reasonable rates. Itís wise to have a list of such needs prior to visiting potential reception halls.

#5 Cleanliness
Look for a wedding reception hall that appears well-maintained. The amount of energy put into maintaining the hall directly correlates with their seriousness in assisting you to create a successful event. Check overhead lighting, kitchen equipment and bathrooms for functionality. Also check for cleanliness, particularly in the bathrooms and kitchen areas.

There will be other important characteristics your wedding reception hall must have. Your preferences may lean toward surrounding gardens or chic, ultra-modern facilities. Your caterer may require something more than is offered in a particular facility. Lighting, windows and spaciousness can all be significant issues. However, if you have found a wedding reception hall that satisfactorily covers these five qualities, you are well on your way to a lovely reception.

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