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Do You Need a Banquet Hall?

The odds are that at some point in your life, you will find yourself in need of a reception or banquet hall. With a wide variety of uses, banquet halls are designed to accommodate large groups of people and equipment comfortably. The type of reception hall you need is directly related to your event and any extras that you might desire. Food preparation and service, kitchens, staging, sound specialists and booth setup are just a few of the options that may determine which banquet hall is most appropriate for your needs.

Banquet Hall Uses
The key deciding factor on whether you need a banquet hall is the number of people involved in the event. The following situations may necessitate using a banquet hall:

  • Wedding reception – This is one of the most common reasons people book a reception hall. It not only accommodates a large number of people, but also allows room for a musical group, dance floor, dining tables and buffet.

  • Ceremonies – Graduation events, high school reunions and other events requiring staging work out well in a banquet hall.

  • Conventions – Business conventions are more easily accommodated in a banquet hall where there is ample room for setting up display booths and tables, while allowing participants room to roam.

  • Family Reunions – Large events including children run more smoothly in a reception hall due to the spaciousness and the self-contained aspect of the room.

  • Dances – Allowing significant space for a dance floor and musical group plus sound equipment makes a reception hall ideal for such events.

  • Fairs – Book, science and math fairs can be spread throughout a banquet hall more easily and in a more organized manner, allowing for perusal or judging.

Choosing A Banquet Room or Banquet Hall

Most banquet halls are designed to be generic, allowing for flexibility in how the space is utilized. The same banquet hall can be outfitted for a boxing match, beauty pageant and car show.

Types of Banquet Halls
Depending on the event, the specific style and location of your banquet hall should be considered. You may not realize the many opportunities out there for leasing a reception hall.

  • Churches –Obviously, for a wedding reception, a church hall can be convenient if the wedding is also there. Many churches will rent their halls to anyone as long as the events do not conflict with the beliefs of the religious organization. Some churches only allow members or immediate family of members to use their facilities.

  • Hotels – Many hotels have varied sizes of banquet halls. Positive aspects of using hotel reception halls include having staff on hand, catering services and easy set up features. There may also be an availability of add-ons, such as dance floors and parking. For all of these positives, you will pay a premium compared to other options, so cost versus convenience should be considered.

  • Private organizations – Lodges and other private clubs, such as the Shriners, will often lease their banquet space to the public. They are typically less expensive than hotels, but you will be required to do more of the set up and probably bring in add-ons yourself.

  • Other options – Major cities often have private banquet halls that are designed only for the purpose of entertaining. You might also look into historic homes and other private properties. In the South, plantations that are open to the public can house large group events and rent their facilities. The cost of private halls, historic homes and other options vary, depending on the city and the location of the property.

With such a wide variety of banquet hall options, you are sure to find one to fit your event. Remember to keep in mind such additional needs as food preparation and service, staging and other add-ons necessary to make your event a success.

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