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Is a Cheap Banquet Hall Really the Best Deal?

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Although there are times that going the least expensive route does make the most sense, when renting a banquet hall you’ll want to have a clear picture of your event before making that decision. Price won’t be the only differentiation between costly and cheap banquet halls. There’s always a reason that one property is less expensive than another. Hotels and specialty locations, such as historical homes or plantations tend to charge more, in general, than a church or private organization. Does it really matter for your event if you rent a cheap banquet hall? Only you can decide.

Determining Factors
Many variables come together when pricing a banquet hall. Your job lies in determining the value of each of the variables as you decide:

  • Location – It’s the same concept as buying a home; you pay more for a better location. If family and friends are heading right to a wedding reception from a church, location is an important factor. You’ll want to choose a safe area that is in close proximity to the wedding ceremony or use a hall right at the church. For a business conference, the ease of getting from a hotel to the reception hall may be an issue for out-of-towners. Depending on whether the event is in the daytime or evening hours, you’ll need to note if the location is as safe at night.

  • Amenities and Services – Hotel halls tend to be more expensive because of the overhead that has to be covered. They provide convenience, and a multitude of amenities and services, such as catering, audiovisual, staging and more. If you don’t need these services or if you don’t mind shopping around for them on your own, using a hotel banquet hall doesn’t make sense. A church or private location may offer you a cheap banquet hall to save you money, but you will need to take into account any additional expenses.

  • Demand – A banquet hall in greater demand may be more expensive than a less utilized property. The price may rise simply due to supply and demand.

  • Specialty – A specialty hall, like a historical home or plantation, may be more expensive because you’re paying for the prestige and uniqueness of the property. These sites may not have as many services available as similarly priced hotel halls. Specialty banquet halls do make the event more memorable, but there is usually a price to be paid. Occasionally, you will get lucky and find a cheap banquet hall in a specialty location because it is interested in attracting new business. Be on the look-out for such deals.

  • Quality and Size – The maintenance, cleanliness and overall quality of the hall affects the price. Newer, more modern halls tend to run higher. The best way to determine if a cheap banquet hall is well-maintained and clean is to visit it personally. Bathrooms and food handling areas should be clean and useable even in a less expensive building. In most cases, a larger banquet hall costs more, but the other variables can have as much or more of an impact as the size. Read more about Choosing A Banquet Room or Banquet Hall.

It is possible to find a cheap banquet hall if you’re willing to concede the perfect location and don’t need a great deal of help with services and extras. Prioritize what is most important to you when renting a hall, then search for one that meets those needs and fits your price range. If your needs and your price range are incompatible, you’ll have to pay more or have less. Typically, any large town will have a decent variety of banquet halls in multiple price ranges.

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